Goodbye MusikTek !

I’m Agus Hardiman and no longer affiliate with MusikTek from 13.12.13 !

Why ?

I founded MusikTek (abbreviation of Musik Teknologi) in 2001 and started as music digital forum MusikTek grew into music production school with branches in Surabaya (2006), BSD Tangerang (2007) and Kelapa Gading Jakarta (2007).

In 2009, I partnered with Melodia Group and worked together until late of 2013 where we have differences in vision. As of Dec 2013, I’m no longer in MusikTek. I’m not involved anymore in all part of MusikTek, including audio school, forum, blog, store etc. MusikTek will continue to serve you, and it operates under Melodia Group. 

I’m still the same person who loves to share anything about music and audio, so I’ll continue to do so under the new name, ArtSonica ! I’ll have a new blog, audio school and the new forum !

Logo ArtSonica 600px Blue Shadow Transparent 2-tiers

In the meantime, the process of the transition might take a while…please be patient !

If some of you still using MusikTek’s services, please continue to do so because I’m sure MusikTek is in good hands !

Goodbye MusikTek !

Jakarta, Dec 14, 2013
Agus Hardiman

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52 replies
  1. ihut marpaung
    ihut marpaung says:

    Sedih juga sih…secara dr awal sy ikuti forum musiktek. Tapi pilihan adalah pilihan, visi adalah visi… sesuatu yg layak diperjuangkan.
    tetap semangat kang …. Indonesia masih butuh mas Agus

    Salam, JLU

  2. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Kaget banget dengernya. Turut prihatin y Mas Agus. Tetap semangat. Semoga dengan brand baru beserta kecintaan dengan dunia Audio, Mas Agus bs lebih maju lagi (y).. Support

  3. Erwin Badudu
    Erwin Badudu says:

    Waduh, knp jd begitu? Musiktek = Agus Hardiman kan … Koq malah jd milik org lain?
    Anyway, keep on movng bro … GBU
    Kita2 bisa bantu apa nih? Hehehe

  4. bob bobwood
    bob bobwood says:

    Hello Agus ! I was just looking for some samples on musiktek only to discover the forums gone. I then spent about an hour looking for you and find you are ArtSonica.

    I wish you every success in this new venture.
    May it bring you much joy and happiness.

    By the way, I found the updated and new SF2 files including the XPA 027 Angklungs Mas HARDIMAN.SF2
    in a box address I had. Thank you

  5. bob bobwood
    bob bobwood says:

    Sent you an email about the sf2. I don’t recall how I came across the box address or who it belongs to.

    btw those two links for Angklung and Kendang don’t work but I have them already.

    Take care now.

  6. Herry
    Herry says:

    Saya bingung…………………………………………………….. tokomusiktek webnya berubah ubah, forumnya pindah….
    tapi alhamdulillah mau pindah kemana aja saya tau 😀

  7. Taufiq
    Taufiq says:

    Kalo saya attach ke Mas Agus-nya, bukan brandnya. Saya ngikutin tulisan mas2 Agus sejak beli buku Cakewalk 8 dari Gramedia.. hahahha

    Mau bikin brand apa aja monggo mas, yang gak bisa ditandingi semangat berbagi-nya itu loh..

    Jaya terus Mas Agus Hardiman!


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